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Austin Allen injury: Arkansas QB comes out gunning after chest bruise

Yeah, he seems just fine.

No. 17 Arkansas had a scare with its quarterback Austin Allen during the game against No. 15 Texas A&M. In the second quarter, Allen took a huge hit on third down from TAMU linebacker Claude George. The hit was clean, but it was a hard hit, and it had Allen down on the field moments after the play.

ESPN’s Holley Rowe reported that trainers were attempting to lift his shoulder pads up so Allen could breathe better, and she added that they were also looking at his shoulder. Razorbacks redshirt freshman quarterback Ty Story was seen warming up briefly on the sideline, but shortly after that Allen came out of the medical tent and was seen warming up on the sideline.

Allen came out for the Razorbacks’ next offensive possession, where Rowe then reported that he had been diagnosed with a bruised chest muscle and that his shoulder pads are sitting directly on the injury, but Allen would tough it out. Allen then threw a 44 yard bomb to Keon Hatcher, so yeah, his chest seems like it’s fine.

It’ll be interesting to see if Allen is truly 100% dealing with this injury.