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This is the worst football hurdle I've ever seen

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Don't try this at home, particularly if you can't do it.

Kentucky and South Carolina are playing football on Saturday night. You probably have not watched it.

A guy on South Carolina tried to hurdle a guy on Kentucky. The South Carolina guy was not especially unsuccessful in his effort.

A good time was had by at least one party here, probably. That's a nonchalant derailing by Kentucky's Chris Westry. He will receive lots of whooping and hollering in the film room this week, without a doubt.

For South Carolina tight end Hayden Hurst, the lone casualty of this misguided attempt at human flight, this is hopefully forgettable. He will likely receive whooping and hollering in his film room, too, but it will be more of the "laughing at you" variety than the "laughing with you" variety. That's OK. Football's a cruel game sometimes.