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Watch Virginia Tech’s Jerod Evans break 5 tackles and juke some more on this 55-yard TD

This guy is not easy to bring down!

East Carolina v Virginia Tech Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

Virginia Tech took on East Carolina on Saturday, and the Hokie offense did not hold back. Tech put up 462 total yards in the 54-17 victory, including 282 yards and three touchdowns from VT quarterback Jerod Evans. However, Evans’ most impressive play was on the ground, during this 55-yard touchdown run.

Although Evans already has 205 rushing yards on the season, the 55-yard dash was his first rushing touchdown of the season. I think we all wouldn’t mind more plays like this from the VT junior quarterback.

He’s also the ACC’s top-rated passer after four weeks — yep, ahead of Louisville’s Lamar Jackson.

Here’s what they’re saying:

“I expected it from him,” Virginia Tech receiver Isaiah Ford said. “And I say that because of his demeanor and how he carries himself and how hard he works. He expects perfection from himself. So to see him go out and perform how he’s done is nothing new.”

“I saw someone who was determined,” Ford said. “Determined to get it into the end zone. You could see it in his eyes after the play that he was determined to score and make it happen. It was an amazing play.”

ECU coach Scottie Montgomery, a former assistant at Duke, talked about how Evans causes so much trouble with his size, how you “have to pick your poison” given his ability to run and throw and the talent Tech has on the perimeter.

“This,” Montgomery said, “is the best I’ve seen Virginia Tech.”