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You can see this man setting Auburn's beloved oak tree on fire (he was later arrested)

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Here are a few videos, including one of someone setting the tree’s paper on fire.

So, the ending to Saturday’s Auburn-LSU game was pretty insane. To sum it up, LSU, had one play left to snap with one second left, but they didn’t get it off in time and Auburn won, 18-13.

So, like most Auburn victories go, the trees at Toomers Corner were rolled with toilet paper, per tradition. This was fully underway after the win but then somehow ONE OF THE TREES LEGIT CAUGHT ON FIRE.

These Toomer’s Corner oaks are especially significant, since they are the first new ones to be planted and grown since Alabama fan Harvey Updyke maliciously poisoned the iconic original trees after Auburns’s 28-27 upset in the Iron Bowl. So yeah, it’s pretty unfortunate that one of these was lit on fire.

You can see the moment here.

Jochen Wiest, an Auburn resident who police say is "not affiliated with Auburn University," was arrested on Sunday on charges of desecration of a venerable object, a Class A misdemeanor in Alabama, which carries a penalty of up to one year in jail and up to a $6,000 fine.

The fire department arrived pretty quickly and got things under control.

Let’s hope the tree, and everyone involved, is okay.

Here was the view a few minutes after, with some postgame revelry apparently back underway:

Auburn city webcam