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The Washington Huskies are 4-0, despite Arizona's best efforts in an OT thriller

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The Huskies are really good, and Arizona's dangerous.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

No. 9 Washington beat Arizona on Saturday night (or in the early hours of Sunday morning on the East Coast), 35-28. The Huskies stayed unbeaten at 4-0, which should keep College Football Playoff chatter about them continuing apace.

The game ended in one overtime period, when Washington scored a touchdown on its first possession and then forced a stop on fourth down on Arizona's counter-possession. It was a gutsy, hard win, capped by holding Arizona to a 4th-and-10 incompletion with the game on the line.

But let's talk about the madness that got the game to overtime.

Specifically, let's talk about one play.

The game got to overtime because of a complete circus play on Arizona's tying drive at the end of regulation.

That's a nice little 54-yard completion from Brandon Dawkins to Shun Brown. A little schoolyard football is always fun, and this was about as #Pac12AfterDark as it gets. I don't entirely get how it happened, and there might've been some holding going on. But whatever, fine. Let the Cats live, because that's as fun a play as you'll see all week.

Arizona punched in the tying score after a fourth-down conversion later in the drive.

The game previously featured a very cool block by Washington QB Jake Browning.

Arizona gave Washington a hell of a run, despite playing with a bunch of injuries. The Wildcats are 2-2, but both of their losses have been narrow – Saturday and a last-second field goal defeat against BYU in Week 1. They'll beat some teams this year, just like they almost did to Washington.