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Tired of being ‘slept on,’ UNC wide receivers wore robes on the field before the game

Y’all awake now, I bet.

The North Carolina receiving corps felt like you weren’t paying enough attention to them. So they made a simple statement before the game against Pitt, and then they went and backed it up.

The aerial attack was instrumental in the 13-point fourth quarter comeback the Tar Heels needed to beat Pitt, 37-36.

Switzer finished the game with 16 (s-i-x-t-e-e-n) receptions for 208 yards, including this big screen play in the second quarter. He also scored a touchdown.

Hollins only had one catch, but it was a 39-yard TD. A quiet day from the statement’s mastermind.

But where Hollins was quiet, Howard’s game certainly spoke the loudest. We mean that literally, as in he told the DB across from him the play was coming.

"We were in the huddle (before), like, 'We're going to have time for three plays, and we're going to run the same play three times, and we better make it happen,'" Howard said. "So Fedora was putting the pressure on, like 'I'm not changing the play, so just get it done.' The first one didn't work. Second one didn't work, and third one, we had to make it work."

Howard was so confident in his length and Trubisky's accuracy that he told [Pitt DB Ryan] Lewis that the play was coming. "After the first one, I just told him, 'We're coming right back.' I told him the fade was coming again. So, the second one, we ran the ball. He was like, 'Where's the ball at?' And I said, 'Just wait.'"

When it mattered the most, Howard would not be denied when he climbed the ladder to catch the game-winning touchdown (his second of the day).

How’s that for a shot of caffeine?