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The Solid Verbal: Recapping Week 4, a place with nowhere to hide

Yeah, it's time to prove you're either as good or not as bad as you've looked.

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Week 4 is the week in which teams finally have to answer a number or questions, though even more come up, like:

• What the hell is happening with Les Miles and LSU?

• What makes this year's Texas A&M start different than previous starts?

• How impressive was Tennessee's second half vs Florida?

• Why did Washington struggle with Arizona?

• How did Wisconsin demolish Michigan State?

• What's new about Michigan's sizable win over Penn State? Is beating Penn State anything?

And hey, Dan and Ty take a good long time to be sad and angry and confused about Oregon's loss to Colorado and Notre Dame's low energy loss to Duke. Yes, Duke. You read that correctly. That was a real life thing that actually happened yesterday.

Good riddance to everything college football.