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If the season ended right this second, these would be our 4 College Football Playoff teams

The actual Playoff committee won't send out rankings for another month and a half. Like that's gonna stop us from talking about it.

Each week, 15 college football staffers assemble votes to create our College Football Playoff field, if the season were to end right this second. It's fun, and no grownups can make us stop doing it, no matter how early in the season it is!

Here are our ballots after Week 4, only Week 4, and no other weeks that have happened or will happen:

#1 #2 #3 #4
Alex Kirshner Alabama Louisville Ohio State Texas A&M
Bill Connelly Alabama Ohio State Louisville Michigan
Bud Elliott Alabama Ohio State Louisville Clemson
Dan Rubenstein Alabama Louisville Texas A&M Houston
Jason Kirk Louisville Alabama Michigan Ohio State
Jeanna Thomas Ohio State Alabama Louisville Houston
Luke Zimmermann Alabama Louisville Texas A&M Wisconsin
Matt Brown Alabama Ohio State Louisville Wisconsin
Morgan Moriarty Alabama Louisville Clemson Houston
Richard Johnson Alabama Ohio State Louisville Michigan
Sarah Hardy Alabama Louisville Ohio State Houston
Spencer Hall Ohio State Louisville Houston Alabama
Steven Godfrey Ohio State Louisville Houston Texas A&M
Wescott Eberts Alabama Louisville Houston Texas A&M

Slap that together, and you get our top four.

  • Alabama and Louisville are easy choices. Both saw their best wins (Ole Miss and Florida State, respectively) get more valuable in Week 4.
  • Ohio State's a little tricky, but there's no real reason to heave the Buckeyes out yet. OSU's blowout of Bowling Green looks less impressive after mid-major Memphis beat BGSU by 74 points, and neither OSU nor top conquest Oklahoma played in Week 4.
  • Houston's in sort of the same shape, but did breeze through a 61-point road win at Texas State.
  • Texas A&M has beaten Arkansas, Auburn, and UCLA, two of them away from home. That'd also work for now.
  • I have Michigan ahead of Ohio State at this exact moment, after that 39-point takedown of Penn State and that win over Colorado becoming more impressive thanks to the Buffaloes winning at Oregon.

Here's Richard with Dan to explain all this (skip ahead to the 30-second mark):