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Les Miles went on the radio not even 24 hours after being fired and talked about how great the job was

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What a guy.

AdvoCare V100 Texas Bowl - LSU v Texas Tech Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Class may be an overused trope in our culture, but Monday morning Les Miles oozed it from every pore straight into your listening ears. You see, nearly 24 hours ago LSU fired Miles, and for the first time since 2004, he will not lead the Tigers out onto the field on a fall Saturday.

Miles spoke to The Dan Patrick Show Monday about how it all went down.

“Face to face. [LSU AD] Joe Alleva said we’re going to have to make a change, and I’m for the Tigers,” Miles said. “Anything that they see that makes the Tigers better I’m for it. I accepted that outcome and will support the decision and these Tigers as we go forward.”

He didn’t fight it, saying he understood what had to be done.

Miles understood that the decision was made on more than just what happened Saturday night at Auburn.

“I want you to know something, how that game ends with the Tigers fighting for their breath, and doing everything that they could, maybe there’s a way that the coach could have got them a second more,” Miles said. “I would argue that I made those moves, but one second, no. [Firing him] is certainly a decision that was made more appropriately over more than a second.”

On the rumors swirling and a groundswell of discontent in Baton Rouge, Miles claims he wasn’t aware.

He was given the chance to speak to his players after the decision was made, not an opportunity afforded to all fired coaches, and Miles did not take it for granted.

But the million-dollar question is what will Miles do now that he has some Saturdays freed up on the calendar?

It seems like he clearly wants to coach again, but for now, with a son who plays at North Carolina, he’s concerned with securing a ticket to see the Tar Heels play Florida State this weekend. And after that:

“I’ll be rooting for the LSU Tigers, I’ll be rooting for the Tar Heels. I’ll be rooting for the Cowboys and I’ll be rooting for [his alma mater] Michigan.”