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Tennessee's mascot acted out the perfect retort to a Florida player's failed victory guarantee

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Tennessee beat Florida, so the Vols are now using a Gator’s weird boast against him.

So last week, Florida defensive back Quincy Wilson used an interesting analogy to describe why the Gators would beat Tennessee: “Nobody has ever seen a duck pull a truck. Florida Gators are going to win, simple as that. That’s it on that. Any other questions?”

Obviously, that did not happen.

Since ducks did in fact pull trucks Saturday night for the first time in recorded history (as in, since 2004), Tennessee’s mascot decided to use the opportunity to give back.

We here at SB Nation are very appreciative of the contribution to college football that ducks had Saturday. Without them pulling trucks, Tennessee could not have beaten Florida, and we would not have had a great twist to this college football season.

To Smokey: Your humble, charitable service of feeding the hungry has not gone unnoticed. Animals helping animals is one thing that makes our country great.