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Hey, Michigan should hold a satellite camp in Louisiana with Les Miles

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Les Miles, former LSU head coach, played offensive line at Michigan and hails from Ohio. He has a deep appreciation for the Wolverines and the legacy of his former coach and mentor, Bo Schembechler. Multiple times during his LSU run, he had to publicly deny rumors that he was leaving for Ann Arbor. Monday, he listed Michigan among the schools he'll be rooting for going forward.

Combine that with the current head coach at Michigan being a publicity master who'll bring in absolutely anyone as a special guest, no matter how loosely connected to Michigan, and you have a situation. Via Maize N Brew:

At his Monday press conference Jim Harbaugh was asked if he would consider bringing former LSU head coach Les Miles in as an analyst or honorary captain. Harbaugh said those were good suggestions.

"I have the utmost respect for Les, for coach Miles, and Cam (Cameron). I haven't spoke to him yet but I hope to soon." Harbaugh said.

Harbaugh could hire Miles as an "analyst" who's not technically part of the coaching staff for the rest of the season, similar to what Nick Saban just did with former USC head coach Steve Sarkisian. Considering how entrenched Harbaugh is likely to be until Miles is nearly 70 years old*, this could be Miles' lone shot to work for his alma mater again. But that's just one potential option.

How about this, though: A Michigan recruiting camp in Louisiana next summer, co-starring Harbaugh and local legend Miles. Put it on Tulane's campus, or what have you. Just when we thought Harbaugh couldn't find a way to top his own headline-generating stunts in the name of recruiting, there you go.

As an SEC head coach, Miles was never one of the most vocal critics of the satellite camp movement, saying at various times that he'd prefer they not be around, but that LSU would participate if they were allowed. The Tigers jaunted to Dallas and Houston this past summer, after the NCAA effectively resolved the dispute.

"The first thing we want to do is maintain our presence in Louisiana, but turn to the north and south and say, 'When we can, when the rules permit, we'll come to you'," Miles said. "This allows us to leave our campus, come to the north, say 'Come join us.' We want to reach out to the football community and let them know LSU is present."

* This is where Ohio State fans assure us Harbaugh's gone for the NFL any minute now; just tell them Notre Dame is Urban Meyer's "dream job," and they'll leave us alone.

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