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Clemson defender: If Lamar Jackson tries to hurdle me, he’s getting body slammed

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This game is gonna rule.

NCAA Football: Louisville at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday’s Louisville-Clemson game isn’t just the biggest battle of the year so far and a potential Playoff decider. It might be the best game of the entire season, pitting S&P+’s No. 1 offense (Louisville’s) against its No. 1 defense (Clemson’s). That top offense is led by Lamar Jackson, who’s currently responsible for highlight hurdles and 25 touchdowns; Michigan is the only entire team with more.

So here’s senior Clemson safety Jadar Johnson, who leads the Tigers in interceptions, with two:

"I don't really feel like we have to step out of our element or jump up another notch to stop him. We have the tools and the skill set to limit him, and I don't really see any worries with him," Johnson said, according to

Basically, Johnson says he’s gonna turn this ...

... into this:

So yeah, this game is gonna rule.