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The Solid Verbal: Previewing Week 5, or how to deal with a hangover

Despite what experts tell you, it probably wouldn't be great if a number of teams decided to sleep and eat greasy foods this Saturday.

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On this week's preview episode (with special unannounced guest Pac-12 picker Yogi Roth of the Pac-12 Networks, who was kind enough to let Dan record in his L.A. kitchen!) we attempt to address and answer the following questions:

• Is there anything scarier than picking against Lamar Jackson and this Louisville offense, even on the road against an excellent Clemson defense?

• Why, even if Wisconsin is clearly really good, might they struggle with Michigan a week after dismantling Michigan State?

• In a game with virtually no pass defense, where does the edge lie with Texas traveling to Oklahoma State?

• What "rips it" and "doesn't rip it" from a position group and matchup standpoint in Friday night's heavyweight Pac-12 matchup between Stanford and Washington in Seattle?

• Why is Florida State, beyond being really good, such a bad matchup for North Carolina?

• Is there reason to like Georgia hosting Tennessee after the Vols' big, emotional, breakthrough win over Florida?

... this and much more!