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180,000-seat racetrack wishes Texas and A&M would play a football game there

It probably won’t happen, and it would be hard for fans to watch anything but the video boards, but this sounds good, sure.

AAA Texas 500 Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images for Texas Motor Speedway

Racetrack football games officially became a Thing this year, when Virginia Tech and Tennessee played in front of a record crowd at Bristol Motor Speedway in Tennessee. At least one large racetrack wants this to become more of a trend.

The president of Fort Worth’s 180,000-seat Texas Motor Speedway, Eddie Gossage, went to the Battle at Bristol. And he came away wanting Texas A&M and Texas to renew their stalled football rivalry at his own place.

Here’s SEC Country’s Kyle Tucker, explaining:

... Gossage isn’t married to a Sooners-Longhorns matchup at his place, knowing their long history with the Cotton Bowl. He’s open to adding SEC flavor and helping renew the Texas-Texas A&M rivalry that died after 118 meetings in 2011. Perhaps a massive payday and the national hype that would surround those programs playing at a race track would be incentive enough to get back together.

"I think everybody that lives in Texas would love to see them play again. It’s a crime they don’t," Gossage said. "That would be a perfect game for us, because that’s a special one. That was one you always looked forward to. Maybe to revive it, something like this would help."

Shoot your shot, honestly.

Texas and Texas A&M playing again would be a wonderful thing for college football fans who know that when neighbors who hate each other play each other, the games tend to be fun. Plus, a Texas Motor Speedway game could beat the crowd of 156,990 at the Bristol game, and it’s always fun to be out here setting records.

It should surprise no one that an executive at a massive sporting venue would like to lure an event that would fill up that massive sporting venue with thousands of ticket-buying, beer-guzzling, food-eating, souvenir-buying people. Aside from the occasional nod to either side being open to it, there’s no indication we’re close to a rivalry renewal. And having it here instead of on campuses would make for rough viewing for almost everybody in attendance.

But it is a fun idea. We like fun ideas. So, hey, sure!