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Wisconsin's 'College GameDay' signs are very up on current events, do not hold back

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They're back! Let's have a look at the inventory outside Lambeau Field.

ESPN’s College GameDay is back for the 2016 season on Saturday, broadcasting outside Lambeau Field before Wisconsin plays LSU. And the mixture of cheeseheads and some LSU folks has absolutely brought it in the "GameDay signs" department.

Let’s go ahead and run through 'em, from the good to the odd.

Someone hit LSU running back Leonard Fournette where it really hurts:

This is, indeed, wasteful. The Pokemon Rattata does not require an Ultra Ball. Everybody knows this, including me, who didn’t just Google it. Let's hope Fournette knows better.

This was uncalled for.

This, below, seems like it'd land better on Pete Carroll, for instance, than on Les Miles. Nonetheless, points for being up on current events:

This is a legit question.

I mean, look: I’ve yet to see Miles definitively comment on the spherical nature of the planet. Someone let me know if I’ve missed something.

Squints Palledorous in the house!

I prefer my jokes less winding, but this is fine.

Facts only, I guess. I don’t know.

Do not know about this one:

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