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This Houston catch is preposterous on both the QB's and the WR’s part

This made no sense while it was going on, but it was brilliant.

Houston's offense has some top-end players, and the Cougars flashed the widest possible range of their talents to get a first down against Oklahoma on Saturday. This is, so far, the day's (season's?) coolest play.

A horde of Oklahoma pass-rushers flushed Cougars quarterback Greg Ward Jr. out of his pocket. Ward eventually turned a corner running to his right and basically flicked the ball onto the sideline. When Ward released the ball, it looked an awful lot like a throw-away attempt. It certainly didn't seem to have a chance of getting caught.

But somehow, receiver Linell Bonner freed himself along that sideline and reached after the ball. He contorted a bit and controlled the ball without going out of bounds, completing the most ridiculous play we've seen so far in this young college football season. Bonner dragged his toe to seal a 16-yard, first-down reception.

It led to a Houston field goal, which put the Cougars up 19-17 at halftime.

This is remarkable coordination.

houston catch

From the front:

Houston essentially pulled off a video game play against the best team in the Big 12. None of this made any sense until it was over, but cheers to the Cougars for making it work.