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Jim Harbaugh's pregame routine is beating up his quarterbacks

It’s football season, which for Jim Harbaugh is punching season.

It’s time for Michigan football, and that means it’s time for Jim Harbaugh to act like a maniac — although to be fair, he acts like a maniac pretty much 365 days a year. He started off the season by giving starting QB Wilton Speight a thorough faux beatdown:

Normally, this would set off alarms and have me wondering whether the pad-puncher has gone off his rocker. But beating up a quarterback’s pads before a game to hype them up is a Harbaugh tradition. Here he is in 2012, attacking Alex Smith’s head and chest:

Harbaugh’s an old QB so he knows exactly where a guy about to play a big game wants to get punched. Or maybe he's just trying to hype himself up? The brain of Harbaugh is a fascinating place.