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Oregon's new football uniforms look like comfortable, day-glow pajamas

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The Ducks’ new threads look like they could be worn comfortably to bed, or to a music festival.

Oregon having new uniforms is never news in and of itself, because the Ducks have new uniforms approximately all the time. But the threads they’re debuting for their season opener against UC Davis on Saturday (5 p.m. ET, Pac-12 Network) are uniquely enjoyable.

These are good and fun in a few ways. Let’s have a slightly closer look:


These look fine. The aesthetic is sharp, just like most of Oregon’s looks. But what I really like about these uniforms is how at ease they make me feel when I imagine myself wearing them.

These are like sweats, or like that really comfortable pair of stretchy, soft pajama pants you wear to bed several nights in a row without a wash. There’s also a flash, day-glow element to them that reminds us that this is, in fact, Oregon’s get-up.

Football uniforms meet homely pajamas meet a trip with friends to Lollapalooza.