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It takes a huge hit to flatten Oklahoma's 235-pound RB, so here's one

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Perine, fortunately, returned to the game and looked to be just fine.

Oklahoma running back Samaje Perine took off running in the open field against Houston on Saturday. Perine is listed at 5'10 and 235 pounds, and he's a bear of a runner.

Here, things looked fine until Houston safety Garrett Davis hit-sticked him.

The hit came on the first offensive play of the second quarter, and Perine looked hurt. He left the field holding his shoulders, and he eventually retreated to the Sooners' locker room.

Perine came back out to the sideline before the end of the half, though, and rejoined the Sooner offense with more than four minutes to play in the second quarter. His first run went for 11 yards and a first down. This is very good news, because Perine's apparently healthy, and we can also appreciate the grisly but clean hit Davis put on him.

Houston also put a good, hard lick on Sooners quarterback Baker Mayfield earlier in the game. He was fine, too.