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KICK SIX! Houston stuns Oklahoma with 109-yard field goal return for TD

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Good luck finding a longer touchdown play than this.

Houston's Brandon Wilson settled under a missed Oklahoma field goal on Saturday. He caught it, and he got running. What followed was a 109-yard kick six touchdown, one of the most thrilling plays in the sport.

Look how far back Wilson fielded this thing: It's approximately a 109.9-yard return.


Wilson's precision here is really something. This is, more or less, the longest possible touchdown that can be scored in football, even if it only goes in the official books as a 100-yarder.

Wilson catches the missed field goal just a few inches from the back line of his own end zone, and then it's a race. Oklahoma didn't have the tacklers on the field to deal with him, and that was that. The personnel package for Oklahoma – a bunch of field goal protectors, a holder and a kicker – made the Sooners vulnerable, and Wilson exploited them.

Lots of times, teams will only leave a deep return man on field goals at the final few seconds of a half. At that point, there's not much risk in running one back, because field position's about to get wiped clean, anyway. That Houston dropped a return man back on a 53-yarder in what'd been a two-point game (Houston was up, 19-17) is extremely audacious on the part of the Cougars' staff. Field position was at a premium, and they risked it. It worked.

Oklahoma had called a timeout before trying the kick, and that's when Houston made the call.

Something about players standing in their teams' end zones and catching missed field goals, then running for touchdowns with them, is superb. Football plays don't get much more dramatic, and now Houston's rolling.