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UCLA's QB shows us why it's sometimes best to just take the sack

This won't make a personal highlight reel.

UCLA's Josh Rosen is a really good quarterback. He was a five-star recruit and should have a big sophomore year ahead of him. But things got off to an inauspicious start against Texas A&M on Saturday.

Rosen's desire not to get sacked is understandable, but lobbing a half-hearted under-hander to open space on third down isn't a play with lots of upside. Sure enough, Rosen lobbed the ball directly to Aggies defensive back Priest Willis. It was probably the most avoidable thing Rosen's ever done wrong in a game, and it was probably the easiest pick Willis (a former Bruin!) has ever had in his life.

Texas A&M clanged a field goal try off the upright a few minutes later, so this didn't turn out to be any kind of serious blow. But it'll go on Rosen's blooper reel, however short that reel winds up being. (He's a no-doubt future pro.)

UCLA's giving Rosen a lot of responsibility this year, and his Week 1 duel with A&M's Trevor Knight is a pretty fun college quarterback matchup. Jim Mora's probably going to entrench the importance of not doing things like this.

Then again, maybe it was just loud.