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Look closely at these Mississippi State fans as they realize they lost on a DOINK

Normally, a loud metallic sound at Mississippi State’s stadium is CLANGA. But today, it was DOINK.

It is funny enough that Mississippi State, an SEC team, lost to South Alabama, a Sun Belt team that just joined college football’s top tier in 2013. But what’s funnier is the way they lost: on a beautiful, beautiful DOINK:

They were trailing Southern Alabama 21-20 late, and this field goal would’ve salvaged a win. Instead, it popped off the upright and out. If he had merely missed wide left it would’ve taken the crowd behind the uprights a few seconds to realize what they’d just witnessed, with some fans perhaps waiting for the officials to signal that the kick was no good.

But thanks to the magnificent splendor of the football phenomenon that is DOINK, every Bulldogs fan realized in an instant that their team had lost. They collectively collapsed, their hands raised to the heavens one second, then filled with despair the next.

They go from:


Here are my favorite three people in this image:

Distraught Tie Man

You’d think the man in the tie has his stuff together. He’s nattily dressed, and unlike the other fans, isn’t moved enough to anticipate a made field goal.


They start out with a clear message on their chests: Mullen’s Men. After the field goal misses, several of them double over in agony. They are now UES ME.

The man who dies