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Eager Washington Huskies fan has a WE WANT BAMA sign

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Enthusiasm never hurt anybody.

Washington put a pounding on Rutgers on Saturday. In that pounding’s early stages, a Huskies fan was already perfectly clear about his ambitions for his team.


This person WANTS BAMA, all right.

WANTING BAMA is a popular feeling in this day and age. As USA Today’s George Schroeder explained nearly two years ago:

"It's kind of what we do in all sorts of things, from sports to politics to just about everything else," Simons says. "You want to find the one that everyone acknowledges is the best — and then you want to go beat them."

That last part has been easier said than done — see Alabama's 84-10 record beginning in 2008, Saban's second season at the school (beginning in 2009, with that first national title, it's 72-8). When it comes to "We want Bama," the best response might have come last season from a Crimson Tide fan. Alabama had just beaten LSU at Bryant-Denny Stadium. Near the goal line, standing along the fencing, he held a hand-lettered poster:

"Y'ALL Don't



Or in other words, as Simons deciphers the message: "'Our group is successful. You should be part of our group. You should want to be part of our group.' "

If you are good, you might well want Bama. And Washington, which has a bunch of high-end talent returning this year, is probably really good. Henceforth, Washington may well want Bama.

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