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Penn State's 260-pound kicker just leveled this poor return man

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He was once known as Joey “Big Toe” Julius. But now he’s Joey “BIG HITS” Julius.

Penn State kicker Joey Julius is a folk hero, and although he’s reasonably good at kicking, that’s not what makes him a folk hero. He’s a folk hero because he’s 5’10, 259 pounds, a combination of physical elements which has earned him the nickname "Big Toe." And in the team’s season opener against Kent State, he got to make the play of his life.

It’s always a fascinating moment when a kicker finds himself in position to make a tackle. Kickers work on kicking, and don’t necessarily work on their tackling form.

But Julius didn’t need form to bring down Kent State return man Raekwon James. He didn’t lower his shoulder, he didn’t try to wrap the runner up, he didn’t do anything you’re supposed to do. He just launched his 259 pounds right into the speedster. AND IT WORKED. James catapulted backwards, a stoppable force that had collided with an unmovable object.

Julius’ form needs work, but with power like this, Penn State should seriously consider moving him to linebacker.

(For the record, this is the second tackle of Julius’ career — he had one last year vs. Maryland and we are furiously searching for video.)