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Hear 100,000 Texas A&M fans chant at UCLA's QB after his crowd noise comment

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Bob Levey/Getty Images

A few days before UCLA's trip to Texas A&M, star Bruins sophomore quarterback Josh Rosen was asked about the anticipated crowd noise at the Aggies' 100,000-seat stadium. He didn't talk trash about Aggies fans or anything like that, but he did make a comment that indicated he wasn't worried about facing anything he hadn't already faced before.

Trying to head off a bulletin-board backlash, head coach Jim Mora tweeted a little context:

Buuuut, as you can hear, it was a little too late for all that, as far as Aggies fans were concerned:

In the first 55 minutes, Rosen threw two interceptions and was sacked four times. Before his third pick, he egged the crowd on, which ... aw.

UCLA would come back to send it to overtime, where the Aggies prevailed.

The crowd was loud. I'm not sure exactly how loud it is in comparison to a 50,000-person Pac-12 crowd, but it was loud.