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The NCAA banned Lambeau Leaps, but Wisconsin's whole team took them after beating LSU

The NCAA can kill fun during the game, but nobody could stop the Badgers from enjoying the Fifth Quarter.

LSU v Wisconsin Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Wisconsin and LSU played at Lambeau Field, but the NCAA wouldn’t let players do the famed Lambeau Leap. If they did, they’d pick up a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

But then Wisconsin won, a 16-14 upset over the fifth-ranked Tigers. There were a whoooooole lot of Wisconsin fans urging the Badgers to take their Lambeau Leaps, and, well, the game was over. No refs were around to call penalties. SO IT WAS TIME TO LEAP:

To be completely fair, it’s not quite the Lambeau Leap. A lot of college football teams make a custom of jumping up into the fans to celebrate a win and sing the fight songs. It’s not really a stadium specific thing -- teams do it in the student section at home and the traveling section on the road. And the Lambeau Leap would stipulate the players relatively quickly returning to the field of play, whereas these guys just hang out.

But I should shut up with technicalities: Wisconsin won at Lambeau Field and then their players jumped into the stands. It was the Lambeau Leap, a giant leap for Badgerkind, and one the players and fans will remember forever.