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Nebraska lined up with 10 men to honor deceased teammate Sam Foltz

Nebraska football is not whole without Foltz, a sentiment they signified on the football field Saturday.

Nebraska lost a great player and a better person this offseason when punter Sam Foltz died in a car crash that also killed former Michigan State punter Mike Sadler. The Huskers have spent much of the last two months coping with his loss while also striving to live in honor of Foltz’s memory.

Before the team’s season opener against Fresno State, the Huskers gathered together to remember they were playing for Foltz.

And when the time came for the Huskers to punt for the first time, the Huskers paid their deceased teammate an on-field tribute.

They lined up with 10 players, with Foltz’s punter spot empty. And then they waited for the play clock to expire. The Huskers knew they’d get a delay of game, but they didn’t care. They'd decided it was worth the penalty to signify they couldn’t play without remembering Foltz. The crowd gave a huge ovation.

And Fresno State responded with class, declining the penalty and yardage. They wore helmet stickers to honor Foltz, too.

We're only in Week 1, but this may be the most beautiful thing you'll see on a football field all year long.