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This USC player stomped right on an Alabama player's groin

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This was outrageously stupid and fully unnecessary.

USC defensive end Jabari Ruffin stomped on an opponent's groin against Alabama on Saturday. Yeah, that's a personal foul. Yeah, that's flagrant, and yeah, officials immediately threw Ruffin out of the game.

Alabama's Minkah Fitzpatrick is the victim of this unneeded and dumb groin-stomping. Hopefully, he's OK. That looks incredibly painful, and it's hard to imagine a good reason Ruffin decided to do that.

On USC's second offensive play after The Stomp, the Trojans threw a pick-six to Crimson Tide defensive back Marlon Humphrey. Ruffin presumably heard all the Alabama fans cheering about it from the tunnel on the way to the locker room at AT&T Stadium, where he's going to get to spend lots of time for the rest of the night.

The interception return made the score 17-3, Alabama. If you're USC, good luck with that. And if you're Ruffin, good luck explaining this to your teammates, coaches and everybody else.