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Kansas football fans feebly rushed the field after beating a bad FCS team

And this is fine. It is honestly fine.

Kansas won.

The Jayhawks football team went 0-12 last season. It had not won a game since beating Iowa State in November 2014. But the Rhode Island Rams – an FCS team that went 1-10 last year – marched into Lawrence on Saturday, and the Jayhawks beat them. Beat them good, 55-6. Kansas is undefeated.

The students ran onto the field after the game.

This was not, apparently, OK with the powers that be.

The passion of these football fans is admirable. This is a place that has a relatively proud recent history of enthusiastic field-rushing, including tearing down goalposts after that Iowa State win (the Cyclones were 2-7) two years ago.

They deserve to be happy, and they do not deserve to be apprehended by the Big 12 Football Fun Police. Party on, Jayhawks. Party on.