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Lane Kiffin dapped up a bunch of USC players after dropping 52 on them

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No hard feelings? No hard feelings.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Alabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin had a pretty good night on Saturday. His Crimson Tide (with some help from their defense) put 52 points on USC in a season-opening blowout at AT&T Stadium.

Kiffin, a former USC head coach, left Los Angeles in 2013. He was fired unceremoniously during the season. Yet many of the players on the Trojans' roster today are his recruits, and many of the team's staffers worked under him. Clearly, relationships have endured.

A photo:

There are United States presidents who have hosted state dinners and not shaken that many hands (or dapped up that many people with such enthusiasm) in one night. Kiffin's offense showed no mercy and dropped 465 yards on a bunch of his former players (7.4 yards per play), but lots of them and Kiffin still showed mutual respect respect afterward.

Kiffin, improbably, remains the most popular kid in school.