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Laugh at this voicemail Steve Spurrier left Dabo Swinney, and watch these other stories, too

Nothing like a pep talk from the head ball coach.

UMass v Florida Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

In 2014, neither South Carolina nor Clemson got off to a particularly good start. The Gamecocks got blasted 52-28 by Texas A&M. The Tigers lost 45-21 to Georgia and Todd Gurley rushed for nearly 200 yards. Spurrier, then coach of the Gamecocks, left a voicemail encouraging Tigers coach Dabo Swinney as only he could do.

The video comes to us from a production company run by James Bates who was a linebacker for Spurrier in the 1990s and a member of Florida’s 1996 national championship team. Bates has probably the most, uhh, interesting Spurrier impression of any of his former players.

He can also tell Spurrier stories for days.

Now he’s doing the Lord’s work and using his platform to let others do the same. Those others include former players like quarterbacks Shane Matthews, Danny Wuerffel; offensive linemen Deac Story and Zac Zedalis; and wide receiver Travis McGriff. Members of the media give their Spurrier takes as well like Fox Sports South producer Anthony Goldman, Gainesville Sun columnist Pat Dooley and Gainesville Sun photographer Wob Witzel.

Bates also has a sweet gallery of paintings he made himself of numerous college football players and coaches. His best work, of course, are his portraits of Spurrier.