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A freshman BYU kicker nailed a game-winner in his 1st college attempt

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BYU and Arizona put on a late show, and the Cougars got a happy ending.

After BYU lost a two-score fourth-quarter lead and fell behind in the final moments of a game against Arizona on Saturday, Cougars quarterback Taysom Hill guided BYU down the field and set up a game-winning, chip-shot field goal for freshman kicker Jake Oldroyd. He knocked in his first career field goal try from 33 yards, winning it for BYU, 18-16.


It almost didn't happen, because BYU false-started with six seconds remaining. Fortunately for the Cougars, head coach Kalani Sitake still had a timeout, and he used it to avert an automatic runoff that would've ended the game with BYU sitting on Arizona's 16-yard line. The game continued, and Oldroyd got the chance to be a hero.

It was an impressive late-game counterpunch for the Cougars and also a nice finish for Oldroyd, who had to nail a huge kick without any collegiate experience. He did, ending a winding night and vindicating Sitake's faith in him. That's a pretty cool college sports moment, and it ended what turned out to be a pretty fun college football game.

Look at how happy these coaches are:

BYU had a 15-3 lead in the second half, but the Wildcats set to work on dismantling it. In the fourth quarter, 'Zona running back Nick Wilson scored two touchdowns, one from 15 yards and a go-ahead 49-yarder with just 1:26 on the clock. A failed two-point conversion left BYU with 1:20 on the clock and a chance to win with a field goal, and that was the backdrop when Hill and the Cougar offense hopped back onto the field.

The Cougars, by that point, had allowed 13 unanswered points. They turned things around pretty quickly.