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Lane Kiffin had a lot of fun beating the crap out of his former team

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It looks like this was an all-time night for Bama's coordinator.

Alabama v USC Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Lane Kiffin had a whale of a Saturday night.

The former USC head coach, pulled off the team bus and fired in 2013, is now Alabama’s offensive coordinator. And Kiffin’s Tide hung 52 points on the Trojans in a blowout season opener on Saturday, leaving Kiffin looking like the happiest football coach who ever lived. Let’s run through Kiffin’s glorious night.

1. Kiffin threw candy to some USC fans before the game.

What a nonchalant toss.

The fans were appreciative.

2. Kiffin’s players savaged USC and won in a rout.

The score was 52-6. A USC player stomped on a Bama player’s penis, and the Tide proceeded to turn this thing into an obliteration right afterward.

You just don’t do this:

Kiffin got the benefit of his players dominating and not being the guy whose genitals were stomped on by a college football player.

3. Kiffin dapped the longest receiving line in football history.

Look at how many USC folks still wanted to say hello:

It was a heartwarming scene.

NCAA Football: Alabama vs Southern California Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

4. Kiffin got to ether his former employer on Twitter.

In 2013, Kiffin and the Trojans landed at Los Angeles International Airport after losing a game at Arizona State. It was early in the morning, and USC fired him, right there.

Think Kiffin forgot?

#3:14AM-LAX: That's the time and place where USC canned Kiffin a few years ago.

Chalk this one up as the Revenge of the Kiff.