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Watch this Georgia player blow up an entire UNC kickoff return all by himself

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This is the best way to do special teams.

Kirby Smart’s debut as Georgia’s head coach was a good one, as the Bulldogs beat North Carolina on Saturday to start off 1-0. The day belonged to Dawgs running back Nick Chubb, but arguably the most impressive play had nothing to do with offense or defense.

This is utterly remarkable special teams work. (Hat tip to Robby Kalland for flagging it down.) Georgia’s D’Andre Walker dashed through the Tar Heels’ kick return blockers and turned himself into a one-man wrecking crew.

At least for a moment, he was an unstoppable force and ended T.J. Logan’s return at his own 16-yard line. Logan had three blockers right in front of him. Walker avoided one altogether then blew up a couple on his way to stacking up Logan after a 14-yard run-back.

At least that’s what looks to have happened. It all looks like a blur. The Heels couldn’t move the ball on the ensuing drive, so Georgia got it back and iced the game on a long Chubb touchdown run.