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Notre Dame's Torii Hunter Jr. leaves Texas game with injury after big hit

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A scary moment in Notre Dame-Texas.

Notre Dame wide receiver Torii Hunter Jr. took a brutal hit in the third quarter of the Irish's game against Texas on Sunday and left the contest with medical staff. Hunter didn't return to the game, and his family joined him in the bowels of Darrell K. Royal Stadium. He was later diagnosed with a concussion.

As Hunter came down with a pass from quarterback DeShone Kizer, Longhorns safety DeShon Elliott hit Hunter in the head and body. The force was significant, and Hunter laid very still until he was able to get up and walk off.


If officials reviewed the play for targeting – an official in the booth is allowed to call that penalty now – it happened quickly. Elliott's intent can't be known, but he unquestionably hit Hunter in the head as he went to clobber him.

Notre Dame kicked a field goal on the next play. Texas blocked it, keeping the Longhorns ahead 31-28 in a game they'd eventually win in overtime.

Hunter is the son of former MLB center fielder Torii Hunter.