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Texas took the lead on Notre Dame, but the Irish tied it with a blocked XP runback

Texas just let Notre Dame do the practically unthinkable.

In the fourth quarter of their game on Saturday, Texas took the lead against Notre Dame with a touchdown run. The Longhorns somehow managed to lose that lead without so much as kicking the ball off when the Irish blocked their point-after attempt and ran it back for two points the other way.

This doesn't work, Longhorns. It doesn't work. The score was made 37-37, right after an uplifting touchdown run by D'Onta Foreman gave them a two-point lead. It's the oddest way a football game can possibly get tied, isn't it?

When Foreman scored to put Texas ahead, the Notre Dame contingent of the crowd was stunned.

Notre Dame Texas

And when the extra point went the wrong direction, the Texans were even more stunned. This is understandable because nobody could possibly prepare themselves for this particular kind of swing in a game.

Notre Dame Texas

Extra point drama is nothing new to the Longhorns. These things aren't freebies, and sometimes they can be the opposite of freebies. What an outrageous moment.