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4 awesome views of Tyrone Swoopes' Superman dive to finally put away Notre Dame

Tyrone Swoopes dove, and the cameras rolled.

Maligned Texas quarterback Tyrone Swoopes has made himself into a power-running force, and he scored the game-winning touchdown in the Longhorns’ thrilling double-overtime triumph against Notre Dame in Austin on Sunday.

This was cool from any angle. Here are four pretty awesome ones, including a few you didn’t see live on ABC, each doing a unique job of telling this story.

1. Here's the TV broadcast.

As far as play analysis, this is the best. Swoopes takes a long, hard look at his offensive line, makes one oncoming tackler miss, then darts behind his left guard and (at various points) some other friends to find the end zone. He's clearly got the instincts to be a good power runner.

2. Journalist David Ubben picked out one hell of a spot.

Ubben is a brave man for wandering into that chaos. Some men wouldn’t make it out of that fray with all their limbs still intact.

3. Austin American-Statesman beat reporter Brian Davis got a good look from the sideline.

Nice of the Longhorns to see the camera and gravitate toward it during their raucous celebration. Makes for a comprehensive mobile capturing and viewing experience.

4. An ESPN sideline employee had a great view.

This captures Swoopes’ hearty dive for the goal line, and the suspense of his charge toward the end zone really builds well with the audio levels. This was so tense, and it's probably my personal favorite view.

Got more looks at this? Drop 'em in the comments.