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Texas, of all teams, seems to have found a 2-quarterback system that actually works

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Texas tried a two-QBs system in 2015. Freshman Jerrod Heard and the embattled Tyrone Swoopes traded the job back and forth with little success. That continued a streak of sad Longhorns offense, including constant offensive coordinator mayhem, that had stretched all the way back to Colt McCoy's exit in 2009. It didn't work.

Texas has tried all sorts of QB systems since McCoy left, multi- and otherwise. They've rarely worked.

Texas is trying a two-QB system again in 2016. The embattled Swoopes, who was supposed to have lost his job to new freshman stud and spring game star Shane Buechele, ended up being listed as the co-starter going into Sunday night's game against No. 10 Notre Dame. And folks, like they always say, if you have two QBs, you actually don't have any QBs.

Except it worked, the Longhorns won, 50-47, and there's reason to believe they can do it again.

Here's the short version:

That's Buechele heaving a 72-yard touchdown to John Burt, dropping it right in the basket (one of several times Buechele had Burt streaking free and either juuust missed or had a pass dropped), and Swoopes barreling through Notre Dame's defense in overtime, leaving humans in his wake and setting up his own game-winning touchdown lunge. Look at the different styles and skill sets and imagine how hard it would be to prepare for an offense that could do either of these things.

Notre Dame, which kept swapping QB DeShone Kizer out for the seemingly inferior Malik Zaire, was thought to have one of the country's best QB depth charts, which only makes this success even sweeter for UT. Buechele outgained Kizer and Zaire through the air all by himself, 280 yards on 27 attempts to 238 on 29, and Texas' QBs combined for more ground yards than Notre Dame's as well.

These two totally different attacks -- Swoopes only passed once to Buechele's 26 attempts, and Buechele only ran five times to Swoopes' 13 -- were coherent on Sunday night in new coordinator Sterlin Gilbert's offense.

Gilbert comes from the Baylor tree, which holds the all-time bowl records for rushing yards in a game and passing yards in a game. Versatility is supposed to be part of the system, meaning it might be the rare setup that can make the old two-quarterbacks trope actually work.

It has worked a time or two before, though.

This can't help but call to mind 2006 Florida's two-QB offense of thrower Chris Leak and runner Tim Tebow. Don't go telling people I said this pair is as good and will win a Heisman and a national title and eventually have a minor league baseball career, because you know good and well that I didn't say all that. I said it calls it to mind.

And hey, Texas head coach Charlie Strong was the assistant head coach on that Gators team.

(Former QB Heard's still involved in the offense, too. He had two catches for 73 yards.)

Anyway. Any awkwardness here, fellas?

Not right now.

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