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Dalvin Cook just dribbled the ball out of bounds for no reason, and it cost FSU 4 points

This is not a good way to miss a touchdown.

Florida State has struggled badly in the first half against Ole Miss on Monday, but the Seminoles were finally set to get on the board when Deondre Francois found a wide-open Dalvin Cook for a touchdown.

Well, it was a touchdown, until Cook dribbled the ball like a basketball and sent it out of bounds.

Dalvin Cook is really great. But this is really bad, and then Florida State didn't score on its next three plays and settled for a field goal. This is the most perplexing four-point mistake college football has seen in quite a while.

Florida State has been able to get just about nothing going against the Rebel defense. The play design that led up to this was nice, with Francois dashing to his left and dragging the defense with him, then throwing across the field to Cook. It should've been a 28-yard touchdown strike, the first of Francois' career. Instead it was 25 yards and no points.

Let's throw it to you, Jameis Winston.