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Ole Miss just got its heart shattered. At least that's out of the way early this year?

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You can start looking back through the history in any year you want, but let's stay recent.

In 2014, Hugh Freeze's Ole Miss reached 7-0 and No. 3 in the country, the Rebels' highest ranking in 50 years.

Two weeks later, they lost on the road at LSU, then lost in cruel fashion to Auburn, then got shut out by Arkansas, and finished with a catastrophic Peach Bowl against TCU.

In 2015, the Rebels knocked off Alabama for the second year in a row and made it to No. 3 again.

In their next six games, their three losses would include one of the ... I don't even know how to describe it right now. The Arkansas game.

In 2016, Ole Miss returned plenty of key figures who had led to four straight years of improvement under Freeze, including preseason All-SEC QB Chad Kelly. The Rebels roared to a 28-6 lead over No. 4 Florida State in Orlando, with its defensive linemen -- looking even more ferocious despite losing Robert Nkemdiche, thanks in part to a banged-up FSU line -- living in FSU QB Deondre Francois' personal space. With the annual win over Alabama set for just a couple weeks away, maybe this would be the year ...

FSU would score 33 unanswered points and ultimately win, 45-34.

The Noles adjusted to their overwhelmed blocking situation, moving Francois around in the pocket. He'd finish with a staggering 478 total yards and no interceptions against an Ole Miss secondary that suffered multiple key injuries during the night, completely outshining Ole Miss' veteran quarterback, who threw three picks. The Ole Miss running game, long an issue, averaged a scant 2.68 yards per carry against FSU's own talented defense, making it quite hard to preserve that big lead.

Call it a microcosm, if that feels right. This was the uncut Ole Miss experience, all at once.

However, this isn't a lost season. This was an out-of-conference game against one of the country's best teams. It was a massive missed opportunity, but every goal is still on the table. I'd advise against anyone hoping for any of them, considering how these things tend to go.

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