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The Solid Verbal: The secret fun we'll see in Week 2

Don't discount the slate of matchups, at least not yet.

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Well yeah, after a historically top heavy schedule of Week 1 games, the follow-up was probably going to underwhelm, but Week 2, aside from a handful of games, looks to be far from enticing, BUT... there's still some fun questions to be answered, like:

• After a so-so Week 1, what will the offenses of Penn State and Pitt look like in their renewed rivalry game?

• Can Tennessee find an offensive rhythm against a new-look Virginia Tech... in a giant Nascar speedway?

• In the second Holy War in around nine months, what can BYU do to turn the tables on Utah?

• Is Iowa pulling away from Iowa State in their interstate rivalry a certainty?

• Will the points ever end in either Arizona State-Texas Tech or Washington State-Boise State?

• Will Ty lock up Oregon in their game vs Virginia as payback for Dan locking up Notre Dame vs Texas?

Also, we talk many more matchups and are joined by ESPN's Travis Haney to pick some upsets and tough either/or scenarios