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College football confidence pick 'em, Week 2: Can you beat our picks of 4 'big' games?

It's not just who you pick, it's how confident you are.

Every college football media outlet has its own version of a pick 'em. SB Nation’s will focus on only the biggest games of the week. Here are the rules:

  • We will pick the winner of all games between ranked (AP Poll) teams, but if there are not enough such games in a given week, we will throw in a game of note or two, so we are always picking at least three games per week.
  • Players must assign a confidence rating from 1 to 10 points with each pick. If they win, they get the points added to their weekly and season total. If they lose, the points are subtracted. Yes, a player can choose the same confidence number for each game, and yes, this could result in some hilariously poor scores.

This week we have no ranked-vs.-ranked games. This is a lame weekend of college football if you’re into good teams facing other good teams. This is the price we pay for having such an amazing opening weekend. The Iowa State-Iowa El Ássico is included over Arizona State vs. Texas Tech and the Holy War, just to highlight the awfulness of this week.

Here are our four games this week.

Arkansas at No. 15 TCU

Two teams best known for close losses to elite schools get to face each other after scares in Week 1 against inferior competition.

Penn State at Pitt

If Penn State wants to avoid going 7-5, it needs to beat the Panthers. This is James Franklin’s third season and is arguably his most important game of the year. Nittany Lion fans can accept losing to Ohio State and Michigan, but to Pitt?

Virginia Tech at Tennessee

This will be played in a NASCAR track!

Iowa State at No. 16 Iowa

¡El Ássico!

Week 1’s champion was Jeanna Thomas with 26 points. Our other participants are Dan Rubenstein, Matt Brown. Morgan Moriarty, Alex Kirshner, Jason Kirk, Sarah Hardy, Steven Godfrey, Luke Zimmermann, Spencer Hall , Bill Connelly, Brian Floyd, Ryan Nanni, Wescott Eberts, myself and Rodger Sherman, with full standings listed below.

This week, the average number of points wagered was 23.

Our most confident collective pick was Iowa, with 114 sum confidence points out of a possible 150. Tennessee followed at 84, TCU at 60, and Pitt at 32.

Your turn

Please post and track your picks in the comment section.

I'd said the highest scoring verified commenter each week will get to pick with the staff the following week, but due to some commenters cracking the obvious flaw with week-to-week scoring, the highest scoring commenter for the season will get to pick with us in 2017.

So please post your season total each week. At the end of the season, I will verify anyone claiming to be the winner.