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NASCAR track reportedly bringing in half a million beers for its Tennessee-VT game

This should be the most-attended football game ever. Also, beer.

The Battle at Bristol is nearly upon us. It’s a football game, but at a NASCAR race track. This will probably be cool, and it will almost certainly set an attendance record for American football contests. Organizers are expecting 150,000 to fill Bristol Motor Speedway, so this isn’t your garden-variety Tennessee-Virginia Tech game.

It’s also not your garden-variety drinking event. This is a collision between auto racing, college football and a Saturday in Tennessee. As such, there’s going to be a fairly remarkable quantity of beer also in attendance.

ESPN’s David Hale reports organizers have called in more than a half-million containers of beer. This appears to include Budweiser and Bud Light. (Are those tallboys? Think so, but I'm not sure.) From the above image, we can also deduce that Mountain Dew and Pepsi will feature prominently. There will be many other options, presumably. If you like liquids, you'll like this.

Let’s do a little napkin math.

Say there are about 150,000 people at this game, and let’s (just for convenience's sake, obviously) assume no rule-breaking occurs. How many are of legal drinking age? I’m guessing about 100,000. That sounds right, doesn’t it? Both teams should bring lots of students, and roughly three-fifths of undergrads are not 21. Plus there’ll be some kids with their parents, and so on.

So, 545,000 beers for 100,000 legal drinkers at the stadium. That’s a lot! Many of these people are going to drink heavily before they go inside, because this is a night game and also because it is a football game. The total tonnage of consumed beer at this game is going to be unfathomable, even though there’s no way all 545,000 beers get downed.

That doesn’t even get to the matter of Tennessee whiskey.