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Watch all 13 TDs Lamar Jackson scored in his first 57 minutes of the 2016 season

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The sophomore QB is barreling into the Heisman Trophy race.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson entered Week 2 with eight total touchdowns, scored in only 30 minutes of football against Charlotte. That's a school record for scores in a game. He had a seat after that, having proved his point.

That's more touchdowns than all but 13 entire teams scored in the opening weekend. Oh, you'd like to watch that before we catch up on Week 2? Here you go:

And here's Week 2 against Syracuse.

His touchdowns started on the first play of the game, with two more on the next two drives, and a fourth within the first 10 minutes, plus another right before halftime.

This hurdle before halftime against Cuse was his coolest touchdown yet:

THAT'S THIRTEEN TOUCHDOWNS IN ABOUT FIFTY-SEVEN MINUTES. Missouri, the entire program, only scored 16 touchdowns for all of last season. SMU's offense had only 15 in 2014.

Jackson finished the day with 610 total yards, more than all but 11 FBS teams managed in Week 1. Louisville was one of those 11 teams.

Jackson first popped national eyeballs at the end of the 2015 season, when he dropped 227 yards passing and 226 yards rushing on Texas A&M in a Music City Bowl win. I do not believe you can ever have enough Jackson highlights, so here are those as well:

But the former three-star recruit from Fort Lauderdale was doing ridiculous things as a freshman in 2015 even before the rest of the country caught up:

The ACC's in some trouble, y'all. Let's see what Florida State's got next.