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14 newspaper front pages from Clemson’s National Championship win over Alabama

The Tigers’ win, as told by headline writers and page designers around the South.

Clemson claimed its second football national championship by beating Alabama on Monday night. With every title game comes a bunch of dramatic newspaper headlines and front pages, and this game isn’t an exception.

Here’s a collection of mostly Alabama and South Carolina outlets’ Tuesday fronts, with Clemson-focused outlets first, then some Bama ones, and with a few others mixed in:

Lots of these are good. I feel for Tide defensive lineman Dalvin Tomlinson, who wears No. 54 and happened to become a convenient, devastated face to go on a couple of front pages in Alabama. Those aren’t as uplifting to look at as the ones featuring Dabo Swinney and Deshaun Watson, who look as proud and happy as ever.

It’s neat that Watson’s hometown paper in Gainesville, Ga., The Times, worked late to get Watson’s huge night into print. The game didn’t end until 12:27 a.m. ET.

(h/t The Newseum, which collects front pages from around American and the world. Check it out for yourself.)