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2 XFL quarterbacks are now college football head coaches

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A couple of XFL starting QBs have managed to find gainful football employment in their post-league lives.

Jeff Brohm (left) played QB for the Orlando Rage, while Tim Lester played for the Chicago Enforcers. Both are now head coaches in the college game.

Late in 2016, Purdue hired former Western Kentucky head coach Jeff Brohm to the same position in West Lafayette. On Friday, Western Michigan announced it had hired former Boilermakers and Syracuse quarterbacks coach Tim Lester as its head man, replacing the departed P.J. Fleck.

Lester’s ascent means major college football now has, not one, but two former starting quarterbacks from the XFL serving as head coaches.

You remember the XFL, maybe. It was the startup pro league founded by WWE owner Vince McMahon, which played one season in 2001 and then ceased to exist. There were only eight teams in the league, and now two of those teams’ starting quarterbacks have found head coaching jobs in the college game. What are the odds?

Here’s a video of Brohm getting ready to take the field for the Orlando Rage, just a week after he’d suffered an apparently serious head injury:

And here’s a collection of Lester’s football cards from his time quarterbacking the Chicago Enforcers. Wanna watch an entire Enforcers game, featuring Lester at QB? You can do that, too. (There are a bunch of XFL games on YouTube.)

Brohm’s Rage and Lester’s enforcers, by coincidence, played each other in Week 1 of that lone XFL season. Brohm’s team won, 33-29. Maybe that’s why Brohm was the first to get a head job in college, with Lester joining him now.*

If you were a primary starting quarterback for an XFL team during the league’s only season, there’s a 25 percent chance you’re now a head coach. That’s not such a bad legacy for what was generally a failure of epic proportions.

*That’s definitely not why.