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Combining 12 early 2017 college football rankings into one top 25

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Nick Saban's Bama vs. Jimbo Fisher's FSU will be a top-five battle in Week 1
Nick Saban's Bama vs. Jimbo Fisher's FSU will be a top-five battle in Week 1

Below is pretty much the preseason top 25 you'll see in August.

With Signing Day, assistant coaching changes, roster attrition, transfers, spring breakouts, fall camp position battles, and an offseason of analysis still to go, little will change in the overall collective mindset between now and the start of the season.

Alabama's gonna be your preseason No. 1 again, unless something disastrous happens (or people look extra closely at what Ohio State brings back and get over the Fiesta Bowl; Bama's always a fine pick, but OSU looks like a clear top-two as well). No preseason No. 1 since 2004 has won that year's national title, but based on every year since, the champ's almost certain to be in the preseason top 10 and very likely to be in the top five.

Combining rankings from SB NationAthlonBleacher ReportCampus InsidersCBS SportsESPNFox SportsGridiron NowPro Football FocusScoutSports Illustrated, and USA Today — with 25 points for first place, 24 for second, and so on — gives us:

Rank Team Points Highest Lowest
1 Alabama 298 Like everybody GN, USAT (2)
2 Ohio State 273 6 outlets (2) SI (7)
3 USC 272 3 outlets (2) 3 outlets (5)
4 Florida State 268 GN, USAT (1) 3 outlets (6)
5 Penn State 240 SI (3) 3 outlets (8)
6 Oklahoma 236 4 outlets (4) ESPN (10)
7 Clemson 233 FOX (3) CBS (13)
8 Washington 224 GN (5) SI (9)
9 Michigan 185 USAT (4) GN (16)
10 Oklahoma State 184 GN (6) SB Nation (15)
11 LSU 181 SI (5) ESPN (15)
12 Wisconsin 175 4 outlets (9) PFF (18)
13 Auburn 151 GN (10) CBS (18)
14 Georgia 138 3 outlets (13) USAT (17)
15 Stanford 136 CBS, GN (11) Athlon, PFF (19)
16 Louisville 119 B/R (10) GN (22)
17 Florida 84 Athlon (16) CBS (unranked)
18 Texas 78 PFF (14) ESPN (25)
19 Miami 71 3 outlets (16) USAT (unranked)
19 USF 71 CBS (10) SI (25)
21 Kansas State 57 CBS, ESPN (17) USAT (unranked)
22 Tennessee 51 SI (16) 4 outlets (unranked)
23 West Virginia 35 SB Nation (17) 3 outlets (unranked)
24 Virginia Tech 31 USAT (13) 4 outlets (unranked)
25 Oregon 20 Athlon, CBS (21) 5 outlets (unranked)
Also receiving rankings: Boise State, Washington State, Northwestern, NC State, Utah, TCU, Colorado, UCLA, Pitt, Notre Dame, Wyoming

Any teams you're surprised aren't there?

I'm surprised Georgia Tech didn't get any listings anywhere, for one. A bowl-winning, 9-4 team that returns almost everybody? Replacing a three-year starting QB is scary, but so much is back otherwise. I didn't have Tech on my ballot, which was part of SB Nation's ranking, but might change that up today if we did this over. Nebraska and Texas A&M are a couple others I could see as top-25-ish.

USF as the designated mid-major of the year makes plenty of sense (I had the Bulls at No. 20 on my ballot), with so much returning and a new coaching staff that could fortify the biggest weakness, if Charlie Strong can slap together some defense. Boise State always makes sense for a few votes, and Wyoming loses very little outside its receiving corps. Houston, Old Dominion, and Troy are a few other mid-majors worth thinking about.

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