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Rice's football field is totally underwater

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Heavy rainfall has submerged the Owls’ field.

This was the Wednesday morning scene at Rice Stadium, the Houston home of the Rice Owls football team:

Houston’s seen some severe storms over the past few days. One result is that water’s accumulated on Rice’s field in heavy volume.

It didn’t click for me how much water was on the field until I looked at the sideline on the left side of that image, which shows water rising to just about the butt level of a metal bench. That looks like at least a foot. The Super Bowl happens in about 17 days at Houston’s NRG Stadium. At least that venue has a retractable roof.

A football field’s playing surface sitting underwater when nobody’s on it isn’t the biggest deal in the world. But the flooding’s had serious consequences elsewhere in the city. It’s caused a traffic nightmare and led to dangerous situations for drivers and passengers, as well as worry about the safety of people’s homes.

Best wishes to everybody in Houston on coming through the current weather safely.