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James Franklin is so giddy about Penn State's offense, he punched his OC in joy

All in good fun.

Penn State receiver Chris Godwin has been wrecking USC’s life in the Rose Bowl, and he scored a monstrous 72-yard touchdown in the third quarter.

The catch is awesome. Congrats to Godwin, and condolences to out-jumped USC cornerback Iman Marshall, who did his best but couldn’t do anything about it.

More important, here’s how Penn State coach James Franklin responded:

Franklin is punching his offensive coordinator, Joe Moorhead.

Moorhead is the former Fordham coach who came onboard as Penn State’s OC this year, opened up the offense, and helped key Penn State’s run to Pasadena in the first place. He’s one of the assistants of the year, and Franklin showed his love by repeatedly punching him in the chest and then back.

Under Moorhead’s leadership, Penn State’s gone from 100th in the country in scoring offense last year to 22nd this year. Things have been so good that it’s worth pondering if other Big Ten teams might try to be like Moorhead’s Nittany Lions. If Moorhead’s peers are watching the Rose Bowl, maybe they’ll decide they should.