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Meet Chris Godwin, Penn State's freakish WR who's taking over the Rose Bowl

Confirmed: This guy is good.

Okay, this is just getting out of hand. Penn State wide receiver Chris Godwin is having an absolutely ridiculous game against USC in the Rose Bowl. His latest brilliant play came on this amazing 72-yard touchdown catch, his second score of the night. He jumps up to get it, somehow pulls in the bobbling ball, and then spins around once his feet touch the ground before running into the end zone.

His first big play came on this amazing 30-yard touchdown that required Godwin to tightrope on the sideline of the end zone.

On PSU’s next offensive possession, Godwin somehow managed this one-handed catch that he seemed to pull in from behind his body. Seriously, I have no idea how he made this catch.

The catch even got him a shoutout from Chad Ochocinco on Twitter. Godwin entered this game with 795 receiving yards and nine touchdowns. His last touchdown was the longest of the season for him at 72 yards. Before this game started he averaged 16 yards per catch, so big plays are his thing.

The Penn State wideout came into Happy Valley as a four-star recruit from Middletown, Del., and was the No. 25 wide receiver in the country per 247Sports. Here’s a highlight video, with clips from both his high school days as well as PSU ones.

Keep on keepin’ on, Godwin.